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    What We Do

     The Great Need exists to serve and support orphans and other children in desperate need around the world.  To accomplish this vision, we engage in targeted, high-impact missions to engage children in need.

    The exact approach we take is customized to each situation, but here is a walkthrough of one mission to serve an unofficial refugee camp in Iraq of Yazidi people who fled the Sinjar region of Iraq.  Our team visits this camp usually on a monthly basis to provide aid for the most urgent needs.


    Our team meets with camp representatives to determine nature of needs.  At this camp, their urgent needs were food, medical attention and shoes for the children.



    We shop locally to support local economies and to take advantage of the buying power of the US dollar.



    We work with local distributors and resellers to purchase for multiple camps at once, while customizing the purchase to each specific camp.



    We purchase exactly what is needed, customized to individual needs.  For example, in this camp the exact needs for babies, toddlers and older children.



    Our team of in-country volunteers delivery the items directly to those in need and account for each item.



    Our team separates items for distributions into appropriate bundles for delivery directly to each “family” group (which is not always a complete family).



    It is critical to our mission that we are directly involved in the distribution of all items.  We don’t just want to bring “stuff.”  Our mission is to bring the hope and love of Christ.



    We spend time with the kids…building a real relationship with them and making sure they see how much they are loved and valued.



    We work with local and international doctors to provide medical care where needed.  Here a doctor from the US is providing checkups and heart screenings on all the kids at this camp.



    Quality medical care is often a rarity in some of the unofficial refugee camps, so having the ability to perform onsite sonograms and provide follow up is a key component of our mission.



    We value the relationships that we have with the kids at each camp.  Our local volunteers (such as Mohammad here) return to the camps often enough that they know us and look forward to our visits, not just because of the “stuff.”



    We always meet again with the camp administrators before leaving to strengthen our relationships with them and to assess future needs and how we might be able to assist.