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    What Great Need?

    It is currently estimated that there are between 150 – 200 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world. The number of orphans grows by 2 million every year, with a child being orphaned every 15 seconds. In contrast, a child is adopted only once every two minutes, or 250,000 per year. And the trend is worsening.

    To bring it close to home, for every child you see in the US, there are two orphaned or abandoned children somewhere in the world that are struggling to survive. The trend must be reversed. Enough is enough.

    It is time for the Church, all denominations united, to rise up and attack this crisis head on. Enough with the distractions, it’s time to act. It’s time for the Church to lead. It’s time for the Church to love. It’s time for the Church to leave our churches, and go be the hands and feet of Jesus. And it’s time to end this crisis.