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    The Iraq Crisis

    Our president and founder, Tom Shiflet, delivering a little food
    and a lot of love to Suhaliah, a displaced Yazidi girl near Erbil, Iraq.


    The Iraq Crisis

    The lead stories in the news many nights is about ISIS and the terror they bring.  Our #Shout4Iraq mission reaches directly into the heart of the conflict and serves the most vulnerable victims of ISIS.  The children orphaned and displaced by ISIS.

    We have a passionate and dedicated volunteer team on the ground in Iraq, made up of doctors, nurses and others from all walks of life, who have joined with us to provide urgently needed essentials to these children.  Our teams have delivered clothes, food, medicine and other necessary items to tens of thousands of children, many in hard to reach and unreached parts of Iraq.  Our teams have been called upon by the Iraqi and Kurdish governments, the United Nations and even the Shi’a ayatollahs to fill specific needs.  In addition, we have served hundreds of Yazidi girls who were held as sex slaves and raped, tortured and sold like property, but whom have bravely escaped ISIS captivity.

    Our mission in Iraq is to bring hope.  To bring the Hope.  To come in the name of Christ, with humility, grace and love.  And through providing for the physical needs of these children, touch their spiritual and emotional needs as well.

    The #Shout4Iraq mission name comes from Proverbs 31:8, which says, “Speak up for those who have no voice; come to the defense of those who are being crushed.”  Our teams have proven that bringing hope and love does more than just “speak up,” it SHOUTS to the world the Hope that is found in Christ.

    We invite you to use your voice and join us!  The need is great, and time is short.

    .بارك الله الأطفال الصغار (God bless the little children.)

    Our Iraq project director, Steven, with a new friend at a
    refugee camp near Erbil, Iraq.
    July 2015 – Among other projects, our team delivered over new shoes, socks and
    orange juice / baby formula to 892 Yazidi children orphaned by ISIS at the 
    UN managed Shariya camp near Dohuk, Iraq.
    Our president, Tom Shiflet, playing with kids at a makeshift refugee settlement for 
    displaced Yazidi people near Ankawa, Iraq.