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    How Can I Get Involved?

    Urgent Need: Iraq

    Right now, there is an urgent need to help the refugee children in Iraq.  Find more details here.

    Financial Resources

    If God puts it on your heart to join The Great Need financially, please contact us so we can discuss options or donate on our online donations page.


    The global orphan crisis cannot be solved by human hands or minds. But when we align our wills, motives and actions to God’s, we can expect the miraculous. Pray for changed hearts within the Church, pray for these kids, pray for culture change in every country (especially the country you live in). As big as the problem of 200 million children is, the need for prayers is bigger. So pray. Pray often, pray boldly, pray big.

    Stir the pot

    Use your voice to make a difference. Stir things up in your circle of influence, on your social media and even within your own heart. No one likes to hear about the needs of 200 million “forgotten” children because it makes us uncomfortable. But they need to hear it…we all need to hear it.


    If you operate an orphanage or ministry that supports the daily needs of children and would like to partner with The Great Need, please contact us. If nothing else, we would like to pray for you!