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    Adopt a Camp

    The Great Need is offering the opportunity to partner with a couple of specific refugee camps in Iraq. These are camps that we have been serving on an irregular basis since December 2014 and we would like to increase our support for these to a regular monthly basis.

    These camps are not official UN managed camps, but small pockets of refugees living in makeshift camps and they do not receive any regular / official support from the UN or the Iraqi government.  We have built relationships with the people in these camps and we are excited to offer you the opportunity to join in loving on these sweet people.

    As a monthly supporter of one of the camps, you will receive one free “Speak Up” T-Shirt and an exclusive monthly electronic newsletter only for supporters of that camp.  This newsletter will give you an inside view of what your support is providing and how the camp is doing.

    Yazidi Camp

    This camp is a makeshift settlement for about 100 people (the vast majority young children) from the Sinjar district of northern Iraq. In August 2014, ISIS began a targeted, genocidal campaign against the Yazidi (also spelled Yezidi or Ezidi) in their Sinjar homeland.  As ISIS overran villages, they separated the men and and older boys often executed them immediately.  Thousands of women and girls (some as young as 8) were kidnapped by ISIS and taken to be sold as sex slaves.  As the Yazidis fled from ISIS, tens of thousands were trapped on Mt. Sinjar, surrounded by ISIS in the heat of summer.  ISIS fired artillery and mortars onto the mountain, killing many innocent Yazidis, but three weeks with no food or water killed thousands more.

    This group faced all those struggles and the long journey from Sinjar to safety.  They live in the area surrounding a building that was abandoned during construction.  In the almost two years they have been there, they have built makeshift homes and a large tent for a school.  In the past, we have provided not only food and clothing, but air conditioning units, chest freezer units, bread ovens and more.

    Facebook Live video from this Yazidi camp. 

    To fully support this camp, our goal is for a monthly support of $1500.

    To become a monthly supporter of this camp, click here.


    Christian Camp

    This camp holds about 80 Christians who fled Mosul when ISIS began their targeted persecution and execution of Christians in July 2014.  They have been able to build a makeshift camp in an old school in a small Christian town at the edge of the Ninevah Plains that is only miles from the front lines with ISIS.  At this camp, the children and the elderly by far outnumber the “working age” adults and most of the families have experienced the loss of someone in their immediate family.

    We have provided, food, clothing and medical care to this camp in the past and will continue to provide for these needs as well as others.

    To fully support this camp, our goal is for monthly support of $1200 per month.

    If you would like to support this camp, click here.