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    From our Founder

    I started The Great Need in 2014 after feeling the call to do “something” about the global orphan crisis.  My wife and I had been in the process of trying to adopt internationally for several years and one of the things told to us at the beginning our adoption journey was “Everyone has to wait, it is important to wait well.”  In my attempt to wait well, I began to educate myself on matters relating to orphans and orphanages.  As I became more and more informed, I was compelled to do something.

    While I didn’t feel that my talents and skills would enable me to start an orphanage in some other country.  However, my experience in the IT field and in project management (especially in managing projects working with overseas teams) seemed to fit right in as a “first responder” and support mechanism for those on the front lines caring for orphans.

    Our mission at The Great Need is to step in to fill urgent needs and to support those who are caring for orphans on a daily basis.  And to shine the light of accountability on those who would mistreat or enslave at risk children around the world.

    We hope that you will you join us in our work!

    May God bless you,

    Tom Shiflet




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